Sleen Overseas T. & I. D. Agra's first testing and consultants company. it has now emerged into a well-established and sophisticated laboratory, having comprehensive facilities for Testing, Inspection, Training and Consultancy services.
A career with Sleen offers rewarding opportunities to help companies around the world develop products that are used safely by millions of people every day.

Sleen is a result-focused, dynamic organisation that is experiencing constant change on a corporate and local level. We seek employees who are motivated, driven and proactive and whose enthusiasm and hard work will contribute to the achievement of our missions and objectives.

We provide a friendly work environment where teamwork is emphasised and good humour is valued. As part of a global organisation with a non-hierarchical matrix structure, we provide a rich learning culture with vast opportunity for career development and growth.

Ideas, hard work and flexibility are noticed and rewarded, and to create an environment in which employees' maximum potential is achieved, we provide a range of company benefits to ensure high morale is maintained.