Other Testing

Sleen India Bizventure Pvt. Ltd. Agra's first testing and consultants company. it has now emerged into a well-established and sophisticated laboratory, having comprehensive facilities for Testing, Inspection, Training and Consultancy services.

Water Testing

Good quality drinking water is still a distant dream for most of the population. Hence assessing the water quality for human consumption and recreational purposes is of utmost importance. it is catering to the needs of all concerned with water availability and water quality e.g. Consumers like industries, hotels, hospitals, schools, embassies, policy makers like govt. departments & ministries and regulatory agencies like pollution control boards.

Environment ( Noise, Air, Water, Lux, EMP Etc. )

The Company has complete in house facility to execute various jobs related to environmental services Sleen provide full service environmental consulting and testing services to municipal, industrial, household and private concerns. Our team of professional engineers, analysts and specially trained technical personnel, has the experience and knowledge to address all environmental issues in an uncomplicated, competent and professional manner. Sleen is a recognized provider of environmental services with the highest quality. It is a recognized lab and consultancy organization from ministry of environment and forests and various state pollution control boards. It offers specialized services for all components of environmental concerns.

Calibration and Testing Facilities

Sleen’s calibration and testing services are offered in areas mentioned below. Calibration and Testing Areas

AC High Voltage & AC High Current Standards

AC High Current, AC High Voltage, AC High Current Ratio.

AC Power & Energy Standards

AC Energy, AC Power, Power Factor, Energy Meters.

Acoustics, Ultrasonics & Vibration Stds Sound Pressure & Vibration Amplitude, Ultrasonics, Acoustic Materials, Noise. Analytical Chemistry

Chemical Analysis, Certified Reference Materials.

Atmospheric Chemistry

Vibration Sensor.