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Sleen Overseas T. & I. D. Agra's first testing and consultants company. it has now emerged into a well-established and sophisticated laboratory, having comprehensive facilities for Testing, Inspection, Training and Consultancy services.

Food Testing Laboratory At Sleen

Food Testing Laboratory

Sleen has complete in house facility to execute various jobs related to FOOD products Why Required laboratories for Testing of Food Products Sleen has food testing labs and agricultural product food testing capabilities. Food products tested range from processed foods to agricultural commodities, from the field to the store. The continuing need for food testing laboratory processors to deliver a safe product to consumers creates a corresponding need for more advanced testing procedures. This can be achieved by testing the raw materials, the product during its processing and production, and/or the finished products. Growers, suppliers, distributors, or processors can conduct testing. The food processor selects a specific type of test according to various factors, such as testing time required, specificity desired, and the price of the testing process.

Testing Ensures Safety Throughout The Production Process And Expands Market

(Micro related) For bacteria, which are the only pathogens routinely tested for in food samples, the food processor tests for specific types of bacteria and can choose among culture tests, gene probes, manual immunoassays, and instruments (automated immunoassays). Food borne illnesses are caused by pathogens, which include naturally occurring bacteria, viruses, parasites, and toxins. For other types of pathogens, such as toxins (including Mycotoxins and seafood toxins), there are manual immunoassays and instruments (automated immunoassays, chromatography methods). For pesticide-residue detection, there are manual immunoassays and instruments (automated immunoassays) that test for a single type of residue and instruments (Chromatography methods) for screening multiple types of residues.

Water Testing

Good quality drinking water is still a distant dream for most of the population. Hence assessing the water quality for human consumption and recreational purposes is of utmost importance. it is catering to the needs of all concerned with water availability and water quality e.g. Consumers like industries, hotels, hospitals, schools, embassies, policy makers like govt. departments & ministries and regulatory agencies like pollution control boards.

Environment ( Noise, Air, Water, Lux, EMP Etc. )

The Company has complete in house facility to execute various jobs related to environmental services Sleen provide full service environmental consulting and testing services to municipal, industrial, household and private concerns. Our team of professional engineers, analysts and specially trained technical personnel, has the experience and knowledge to address all environmental issues in an uncomplicated, competent and professional manner. Sleen is a recognized provider of environmental services with the highest quality. It is a recognized lab and consultancy organization from ministry of environment and forests and various state pollution control boards. It offers specialized services for all components of environmental concerns.

Civil Engineering ( Soil, Cement, Brick, Aggregate, Bituman, Steel Etc.)

Concrete and aggregate testing from Sleen – helps you ensure that the quality of your concrete and aggregate complies with compulsory regulations and quality control standards. Concrete and aggregate used in your construction projects has to meet strict regulations and quality standards. As these standards are often compulsory, concrete and aggregate testing by an independent third-party is necessary to help assure compliance. Our full range of independent concrete and aggregate testing services can help ensure both the quality of your concrete and the quality of your aggregate.

Why use concrete and aggregate testing from sleen?

As an independent third-party, we provide you with highly specialised personnel, technology and testing laboratories, along with accreditation for a wide range of national and international standards. We can help you: (1) Comply with the relevant regulations and quality standards.
(2) Make informed decisions with advice, guidance and review of test data.
(3) Get the testing you need with bespoke test procedures when standard testing does not suit.
(4) Ensure the quality of concrete.
(5) Ensure the quality of aggregate.
(6) Evaluate the performance of available materials.
(7) Control concrete quality during – and after – construction.

Calibration and Testing Facilities

Sleen’s calibration and testing services are offered in areas mentioned below. Calibration and Testing Areas

AC High Voltage & AC High Current Standards

AC High Current, AC High Voltage, AC High Current Ratio.

AC Power & Energy Standards

AC Energy, AC Power, Power Factor, Energy Meters.

Acoustics, Ultrasonics & Vibration Stds Sound Pressure & Vibration Amplitude, Ultrasonics, Acoustic Materials, Noise. Analytical Chemistry

Chemical Analysis, Certified Reference Materials.

Atmospheric Chemistry

Vibration Sensor.