Surgical Items Testing Services

Finding a best Nabl accredited Laboratories for Testing of PPE Kit, Surgical Gloves, Face Mask?

Testing Laboratory for PPE Kit, Hand Gloves, Face Mask

Sleen is an Independent, Accredited & Recognised Test Laboratory for Surgical Items, Products Testing. A an ideal Laboratory Sleen India provides Testing of PPE Kit for Medical Use, Surgical Gloves testing, Face Mask testing. Our products are ISO 9001 certified and we have been recognized as NABL Accredited Lab by Government of India. We provides our Surgical item testing services across India. Here is our product list:

PPE Kit Testing

PPE Kit Testing

SATRA offers a full range of PPE test facilities. Use the links above to gain background information and a basic understanding of the PPE testing that needs to be carried out to meet international standards for specific products. We would advise contacting SATRA as soon as possible to ensure your PPE product testing and certification is right first time.

Hand Gloves Testing

Gloves Testing

Gloves are available to protect hands and forearms from cuts, abrasions, burns, cold, puncture wounds, vibration, skin contact with hazardous chemicals and some electrical shocks. The nature of the hazard, the associated risk and the type of operation involved will affect the selection of gloves and it is essential that gloves are chosen that are designed for the specific application.

Gloves designed to protect against one hazard may not protect against a different one even though they may appear similar. To support this wide range of applications CEN (The European Standards body) has developed a series of standards.

Face Mask Testing

Mask Testing

A mask that covers the user’s nose and mouth and provides a physical barrier to fluids and particulate materials. The mask meets certain fluid barrier protection standards and Class I or Class II flammability tests.