Textile Testing At Sleen

Sleen Agra's first testing company. it has now emerged into a well-established and sophisticated laboratory, having comprehensive facilities for Testing, Inspection, Training and Consultancy services.

In response to ever-changing governmental regulations and the ever-increasing consumer demand for high quality, soft lines testing and textile testing help to minimize risk and protect the interest of both manufacturers and consumers. Sleen provides the following testing solutions for soft lines, textiles and apparel. Fiber Identification - Most countries importing apparel and soft home furnishing products require fiber identification labels indicating the fiber type and percentage of fiber components. Some countries even use fiber composition to classify quota categories. Eco - Textile Testing - The trend of green consumerism has extended to textile and apparel products. Major Indian textile product buyers have responded to this public awareness by viewing their textile products from an ecological standpoint, and are establishing relevant requirements. Sleen provides a comprehensive spectrum of Eco-Testing services targeting environmental protection and consumer health and safety. Eco-Testing includes.

Types of Textile being tested

  1. Woven Textile
  2. Non-Woven Textile
  3. Knitted

We are providing following testing’s

  1. Tear Strength
  2. Water Vapour Permeability
  3. Hydrolysis Test
  4. Bursting Strength
  5. Thickness of Fabric
  6. Wath Spray Test Etc